ling-wen tsai collaboration

Metamorphosis of Meditation, frosted vinyl, acrylic paint, scissors, paper, 2005
Metamorphosis of Meditation: An evening of Improvisation explores the concept of collective consciousness as it applies to both the art of improvisation and practices of spiritual enlightenment through meditation. The sound/music for this performance was realized by the ISQ: Improvisational String Quartet (classical guitar: Nathan Kolosko, violin: Yasmin Vitalis, bass: Katharine Stambach, fretless guitar: Al Guesto). The work begins with solo improvisations by each musician, allowing me to develop a relationship and unique expressive language with them individually. Gradually adding additional performers the work grows into a collective improvisation. My response and interaction with the musicians was realized on six 15'x2' panels of translucent vinyl hung from ceiling to floor. The panels remained on display as a visual record of the live performance.