ling-wen tsai performance

I.C.U.: Intensive Care Unit, human, plant and cushion, 2004
The conception of the performance I.C.U.: Intensive Care Unit began with my daily and seemingly mundane ritual of watching a small plant grow and die in my own I.C.U. As one sits and observes an apparently motionless plant, what we are in truth witnessing is an ever-changing (growing/dying) entity that exists within its own pace and measurement of time. The human measurement of time has an influence upon how we perceive all external and internal experiences. What one may view as non-movement on the part of the plant could perhaps be seen as extremely the opposite if viewed from the perspective of plants. In this work, I am contemplating the tension between these two co-existing concepts of time. I also believe that it is our sincere concern and intensive caring for others that can deeply touch all beings. The work utilized a group of my students from Maine College of Art and sounds created by Tracey Cockrell as well as music by Israeli composer Lior Navok. This performance was created for the Cassandra Project, a performance festival, at Portland Performing Arts Center in Portland, Maine.