ling-wen tsai video

Water & Wind: Grass Lake, single channel video/projection, 2006

"Water & Wind" (2006-) is an ongoing collaborative video project that I have been working on with the classical guitarist/composer Nathan Kolosko. The interdependency between the visual and the auditory is fundamental in allowing these two means of expression to transcend themselves and converge. The work focuses on capturing water and/or wind in various manifestations, and draws attention to invisible elemental energies that are perceptible through ever-present phenomena. Our goal is to create "timelessness" within a short duration and "boundlessness" within the confines of a fixed frame.

The media has over-stimulated our globalized culture with a massive volume of visual and audio stimuli. With this collaborative video project, musician/composer Nathan Kolosko and I are embracing the medium of video, and hope to bring a new depth to this genre. In "Water & Wind," the simple, repetitive and often subtle movements of the visual, together with the sound, create a contemplative space that is a counter-balance to our fast-paced and information overloaded lives. The intent is to present an essential amount of visual and audio, allowing time-space for the viewer to enter the experience and to ultimately become more engaged in their own existence within the fragile environment we share.